How to Manage Tags for Content Types

Tags are not available in all solutions. For more information, contact your supplier point of contact. 


Tags provide a way for supplier Administrators to categorize a large about of content in a few clicks rather than making a change to 100's of pieces of content.

Use tags to categorize your assets for Marketing Activities, Library Content, and Social Content. When content is tagged, you will be able to perform bulk operations and manage your data. Learn more about bulk operations.

When changes are made to tags, assets will be updated to reflect the changes. A tag that has content linked to it, cannot be deleted until the tag is removed from the asset. 


 To add tags from your content:

  1. From Content > Tag Management, select Marketing Activities, Social Content, or Library Content.
  2. Select the Content Type. If the Content Type has a category you may also want to filter on the category to limit the data that displays.
  3. Select Add to add a new tag.
  4. Apply the tag.

To delete tags from your content:

  1. From Content > Tag Management, select Library Content, Marketing Activities, or Social Content.
  2. Select the Content Type. If the Content Type has a category, filter on the category.
  3. In the list, locate the tag to remove. On the same line as the tag, use the X to remove the tag. If the X is grayed out, the tag is linked to content. You must remove the tag from all content prior to deleting the tag. See How to Delete Library Content,  How to Perform Bulk Operations (Library Content Only), How to Edit or Delete Social Posts, and How to Edit Marketing Activities for more information on removing tags from content.
  4. Continue to delete the tag.

Here are some examples of Content Types, Categories, and Tags

Content Type Category Tags
File Download Business Size Enterprise, Mid-Market, Small Market
  Product Solutions PRM, LMS, CMM, CPQ
  CMM Product Solutions Zift123, ZiftMarcom
  LMS Product Solutions Gold, Silver, Bronze
File Download Language English, Chinese, French, German
  English English (US), English (UK)
Email Audience Buyer's Journey: Discovery, Buyer's Journey: Learning, Buyer's Journey: Advanced
  Asset Type Video, Solution Brief, Case Study, Whitepaper


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