About the All Partner View


The All Partner view gives the supplier information about partner engagement. In the view, suppliers can filter data, gather data based on date, and export data.


Partners > All Partners, select a partner from the list

In this view you can complete the following tasks:

  1. Export partner and user data to a CSV file. The file will be sent to the email addresses on file. The exported reports will contain more data than what is shown in the view.
  2. Review partner data

FYI: Data previously found in the Partner view for last login date, total logins, expiration date, and last renew date is located in the Partners > All Partners > Export and Analysis > Partner Adoption > Partner Status view.



The following can be found in this view.

  1. Search: Search for keywords in partner names.
  2. Filter: Filtering allows you to narrow the results to get a specific list of data for review or export. The options for filtering include type and status. You can toggle between having the different filters on or off by clicking each button.
    1. Selecting Partner Type limits the display to only partners and Agency Type limits to agencies only. Agency is visible only if you are using agencies.
    2. Status is a reference to Zift subscriptions: Active, Inactive, and Test.
      • Active Zift subscriptions are currently in use by subscription holders for live deployments of provided content.
      • Inactive Zift subscriptions were once active but have since been deactivated. 
      • Test Zift subscriptions are issued for demo purposes only and are not to be used for true deployments. 
    3. Custom Partner Fields are unique to each partner. Examples are language, level, products, theater, certification, etc.
    4. Create date range: Enter a start and end date to gather data for ranges of time such as monthly, quarterly, and annually. 
  3. Advanced Filtering: Advanced filtering includes Partner Activity, Campaign Activity, Embedded Access Apps, and CRM Integrations. Each filter can be turned on, off, or ignored for individual partners. 


  4. Partner: Click on the partner name to see detailed information about the partner. In the detailed view, you can see funding details or add new/additional Marketing Development Funds (MDF) funds by clicking on the Add link, edit partner details, access the partner's Zift123, and review specific partner reports. See How to Edit Partner Details.
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