How to Create and Personalize Content for a Marketing Activity


A campaign is a collection of marketing activities that include emails, email workflows, web plugins, print media, online ad campaigns, or any combination of these. Creating campaigns allows the supplier to provide branded content to partners to increase engagement, improve open rates, and improve lead generation. By creating campaigns, you will be able to gather data in one place for all the marketing activity around a specific product or service that is offered.

ZiftMarcom templates are pre-built email templates that the supplier can use to create syndicated emails for partners. These templates are designed with you so that you can reuse them for multiple campaigns to determine the level of co-branding your partners will have.


Content > Marketing Activities > Selected content

How to Create and Personalize Email Activities for a Campaign

  1. From Content > Marketing Activities, select Create New > New Email.GIFPersonalizeContent.gif
  2. In the Service Request drop-down, select a template for to use for the activity.
  3. Add the Details of the activity
    1. Internal Name: Internal name of the email/activity.
    2. Display Name: The name partners will see. Name and Display Name can be the same.
    3. Description: The description should be a short summary of the purpose of the activity and any top level information the partner would need to know to select it. This should be a strong sentence or two.
    4. Effective Date Begin: Date partners will have access to his email/activity.
    5. Effective Date End: End date is not required. Date partners will not have access to this email/activity.
    6. Mark as Reviewed: Users associated with the content will see this option. Learn more.
    7. Is Promoted: Suppliers can promote activities to increase partner adoption. Promoted activities will appear in the drop down for activities in Zift123. 
    8. Promotion Start: Suppliers can set the start time for the activity to be promoted. This field is required. Times are based on the user's local time zone set on their device.
    9. Promotion End: Suppliers can set end time for the activity promotion to end. This field is required. Times are based on the user's local time zone set on their device.
    10. Thumbnail Image: A thumbnail image is required. The system will automatically create a thumbnail for an email, but not other activities. You can upload an image one of your own. We suggest 100 x 110. The file can be no bigger than 10BM.
    11. Spell check the content for accuracy.
  4. Personalize the activity.
    1. Replace or add copy and images. Anything inside the blue lines can be changed.
    2. Personalize all the pages: email, landing, and confirmation. Select from the View step drop down box. Note that not all emails have these additional pages to personalize.
    3. Add a subject line.
    4. Review the other personalization options for header, sidebar, and URL.
  5. Select Done.
  6. The Activity Detail page will display. In this view you can preview, publish, archive, copy, and edit content. 
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