How to View Agency Details


Partners can allow agencies access to their Zift123 account to either execute marketing plans or a single campaign activity. The level of access is determined by partners. These engagements allow partners to interact with the agency at the level that works best for them. 

Suppliers with Admin privileges can add new agencies, view existing agency details and view agency users. 

Value and Benefits

  • Save Time: You can add and manage agencies in your system. There is no need to submit support tickets. You can quickly respond to agency changes and profile update requests.
  • Increased Control: Administrator level functionality allows you to control the agencies delivering services to your partner community. You can also control the agency fields for language, region, etc in order to filter appropriate agencies to the partner.
  • Powerful Analytics: You can view agencies, who is logging in, and actively engaging your partner community.


Partners> Agencies 

How to View Agency Details

In the agency view you can do the following:

  • Add Agency: Suppliers can add new agencies that can be view/chosen in Zift123 by partners. Learn more. 
  • Mark Active/Inactive:  You can see a list of both Active and Inactive agencies.Agencies can be added but not removed. You can mark it inactive if you no longer want it to appear in Zift123. Learn More.
  • Column Sort: You can sort each column by clicking on the heading Agency, Last Login Date, Total Logins, Agency Status, and Create Date.
  • Partner Details: Click on the Agency name to see agency details, associated partner details, and Zift123 users associated with the partner. You will be able to edit the partner details in the new window. 
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