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Partner Invitations allow suppliers to easily add partners to marketing programs. Suppliers will send invitations to potential partners and the partner can then accept or reject the invitation. Once the partner is on-boarded, they can get started using Zift123 without any interaction with Zift Solutions. This provides an easy option for suppliers to get partners up and running.

The Partner Invitation offers suppliers the following benefits to get partners up and running:

  • It gives on-boarding control to the supplier allowing them to be proactive in outreach efforts.
  • Invitations are automated and less prone to error.
  • All the functionality is contained in Zift123 and ZiftMarcom with easy visibility into the status of invited partners.


Partners > Partner Invitations

If this option is not available, contact your Zift Solutions Representative or Zift Support for details about turning the feature on.

In this view you can complete the following tasks:

  1. Create a Partner Invitation
  2. Filter for data.

The following can be found in this view.

  1. Search: Search for keywords such as company name or username to be sure they do not already exist.
  2. Filter: Filtering allows you to narrow the results to get a specific list of data for review or export. You can toggle between having the different filters on or off by clicking each button. The options for filtering include possible statuses for the Partner Invitations. The filters for Partner Invitations are as follows:
    1. Pending: The invitation has been created but is not sent.
    2. Sent: The invitation has been sent to the partner.
    3. Partner Declined: The invitation has been declined by the partner.
    4. Partner Accepted: The invitation has been accepted by the partner.
    5. User Invited: The supplier has viewed, approved, and the new partner is onboard.
    6. Activated: The new partner user has responded and created their username and password.
  3. The view can be sorted by report headers. Click any of the headers to change the order of the data. The headers are Partner Name, Email, Create Date, and Status.
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