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Marketing activities include emails, email workflows, web plugins, print media, online ad campaigns, or any combination of these. Creating activities allows the supplier to provide branded content to partners to increase engagement, improve open rates, and improve lead generation. By creating activities, you will be able to offer partners a variety of syndicated content that will promote your brand to meet your goals.

In the Edit Content view, you can edit the content for the activity of the components including changing the logo and other personalization.


Content > Marketing Activities > Selected Marketing Activity > Edit Content

Editing ability varies depending on the level of access granted by the supplier. Anything inside the dotted lines can be edited. You can do the following in this view.

  1. Logo: The logo associated with the email can be changed.
  2. Other Personalization: These options will vary based on your specific configuration. Contact your Zift Customer Engagement Manager to make changes.
    1. Accent Image
    2. Asset URL
    3. Landing Page Header Image
    4. Temp
    5. Test Asset - If library content type is set for the template, ZiftMarcom users can select assets from the library when creating or editing an activity. If  Content-Type is an option, you will be able to select content from a list of content that matches the content type for the template.EditContentMarketingActivity.gif 
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