How to Manage Partner Marketing Funds via File Upload


Marketing Development Funds (MDF) are sometimes granted to partners by suppliers to drive sales and develop new business. The partner might use the funds to pay for meals, entertainment, social outings, sports outings, team meetings, and conferences. These engagements allow partners to interact with their customers.

Suppliers can efficiently manage MDF data for multiple partners via .CSV file under Funding. You also have the option to manage MDF funds under All Partners for a single partner.

How to Manage MDF Funds for Partner Accounts

You can manage partner MDF records by creating a .CSV file and importing the data to Zift. The directions are below.

Create a .CSV file with all the data.

  1. From Funding > Funding Summary, click $ Import Funds.
  2. Download the Funding Upload Template. Use the template to gather your data in the proper order and format to upload to Zift. Once uploaded the data will appear in the Funding Summary. The following is a list of the data that can be uploaded. Only fields with * are required
    1. *Fund Identifiers are Fund ID and Fund Name. Fund Id is the unique identifier for the fund. Fund Name is a descriptive name for the fund. Only one of these is required.
    2. Fund Type Name is the name associated with the fund for organizational purposes in both ZiftMarcom and Zift123. Funds are allocated at a partner level and th enames can be seen on an individual partner detail page in ZiftMarcom. It is not required if there is a Default Fund Type identified
    3. *Partner Identifiers are SSO Company ID, Zift Partner ID, or Zift Partner Name. Unique identifiers for a specific partner. Only one of these is required and the entry is case sensitive.
    4. *Allocated Balance is the amount for funds that are allocated to the partner. Also referred to as Allocations. Enter the amount in cents. $10.00 is entered as 1000
    5. *Actual Balance is the actual balance in the fund. Enter the amount in cents. $10.00 is entered as 1000 or $3,116.24 is entered as 311624.
    6. *Approved Balance is the monies approved for use by the partner. Enter the amount in cents. $10.00 is entered as 1000 or $3,116.24 is entered as 311624.
    7. *Available Balance is the approved amount minus the paid amount of funds a partner has access to. Enter the amount in cents. $10.00 is entered as 1000 or $3,116.24 is entered as 311624.
    8. Activity Start Date is the date the activity will start. If no date is entered the system assumes today's date.
    9. *Expiration Date is the date when the funds will expire. This may also be referred to as the Entry Deadline.
    10. *Claim Due Date is the date when the claim is due for consideration as MDF. The claim due date is seen by partners in Zift123. This is the deadline that partners must submit a request to their supplier to provide reimbursement for a custom marketing activity. 
    11. *Claim Outstanding Count is the number of claims that still need to be considered for MDF approval.
    12. *Pending Payments Amount is the amount of outstanding MDF to be paid. Enter the amount in cents. $10.00 is entered as 1000 or $3,116.24 is entered as 311624.
    13. *Paid Payments Amount is the amount of paid MDF. Enter the amount in cents. $10.00 is entered as 1000 or $3,116.24 is entered as 311624.
    14. Fund Excluded Users - To exclude specific users from accessing funds (optional), your file must include a "Fund Excluded Users" column populated with a comma separated list of SSO User IDs.
  3. Save the file as .CSV on your computer.

Note: What happens when a required field is left blank?

  • If a value is left blank for any required balance fields, no change will be made to the corresponding data. 
  • If a value is left blank for any required date related fields, the current date will be populated. 
  • If values are left blank for any fields required to identify a Fund, Fund Type, or Partner, the upload will fail and the user will be provided with an explanation. 

How to Upload the file to ZiftMarcom

  1. From Funding > Funding Summary, click $ Import Funds.
  2. From Funding > Funding Summary > Import Funds, choose your file. 
  3. Select Import.
  4. You will receive success or error messages when the import is complete. 
  5. When the import completes successfully, the partner information will be on the Funding Summary page. Be sure to click the arrows to expand the fields.

How to Update Funding Data with the File Upload  

Data can be updated using the same process. Update the cells in your file, and upload the file.

  • There is no calculation involved when uploading data. The values uploaded are the values that will be set.
  • Changes to funds will only be made if the .CSV is uploaded and the user explicitly defines new values for a specific fund. Existing values left blank will remain unchanged. Existing values will not be zeroed out if left blank.
  • If rows for existing funds are omitted from the upload, no changes will be made to the missing funds. There is not a way to export the data at this time.
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