How to Submit a Request to the Zift Expert Services Team

 Zift offers Expert Services for Zift Products and can provide resources to support:

  • Program administration
  • Content and assets uploads
  • Users and data management
  • System configuration services
  • Marketing templates creation
  • Marketing campaigns creation and configuration
  • Reports design, creation and distribution
  • Integration management

How to Submit a Request to the Zift Expert Services Team

If you have contracted for Expert Services you may Submit a request  by selecting Expert service request. Once the submission is received, a representative will be assigned to the task. The representative will communicate through the ticket status, engage directly with you and resolve the ticket to your satisfaction.

Important: Fields with a red * are required. A ticketed cannot be submitted without these field completed.

These are the fields you will be asked to complete:

  1. Select Submit a request.
  2. In the drop down box select:  Expert Services Request.
  3. Your email address: We recommend entering a role based email address so that all requests located in one location.
  4. Subject: Choose a brief, descriptive subject line to identify your issue.
  5. Description: Describe the issue you are having, being as specific as possible.  Provide examples and include details such as browser type and version, email address of the user experiencing the issue, ID numbers of pages, organizations and contacts, and any other specific details where appropriate.
  6. Activity Types: Select the type of activity you want the Zift Team to create for you. You may be prompted to further define the Activity Type. Complete all fields.
  7. Content Submission: Provide your content submission URL containing your resources associated with this campaign.
  8. Attachments: Add an attachment or drop files that the Zift team will need.
  9. Once submitted your ticket will be routed to your Expert Services Team.
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